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Recycled Paper

Here's a handy list of most of the shows and movies that we have touched on since starting the podcast. 

Season One

It all started with an intense little export from Australia by the name of "Mr. Inbetween." Looking forward to what 2021 will bring!!  

Joe Mantegna

All of us were so thrilled to get the opportunity to talk with Joe about his long ranging career - from "Searching for Bobby Fischer" to his collaborations with playwright and filmmaker, David Mamet.

Holiday Offerings

Not a comprehensive list of EVERY holiday movie, but it's pretty damn we got that going for us. 

2020 Roundup

Apart from a deadly global pandemic and a worldwide economic collapse, 2020 wasn't a bad year for...oh, who are we was a craptacular year. But here are some offerings that got us through. 

Palm Springs poster.jpg
Ending Things Poster.jpg
My_Octopus_Teacher Poster.jpg
Devs Poster.jpg

2021...what's on the docket?

cobra-kai-season-3 poster.jpg

2021 started with a bang as Netflix dropped season three of Cobra Kai! 

What's next? That's partly up to you. Leave us a message on Facebook or leave us a voice mail by clicking the link below. 

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