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Killer Casting Episode 31

He's back and more in-between than ever!


That's right, the Season 3 that Lisa, Brian, and Dean have been waiting for, the FX series "Mr. Inbetween" is back and they are pumped to deep dive into each and every episode.


Starting with Episode 1 called "Coulda Shoulda" we catch up with what that inscrutable, enigmatic hitman Ray Shoesmith has been up to after the tragic events of Season 2.  


Lisa and the beasts have a lot to say about it...PLUS...they are looking forward to some very special guests from the cast to join them in the episodes to come!


**Spoiler alert we will have a few of the main actors from the show on the pod in the coming weeks!!** 


If you have any questions for our upcoming guests please scroll down and you can RECORD your question to be played on the pod!


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